How to get Resideny of Switzerland

Switzerland – also known as the Swiss confederation is a landlocked mountainous federal republic of 26 cantons. The country is a hub of cultural diversity, along with prosperous and modern market economy, low employment rate, and is also considered as one of the happiest countries to live in. The country is often considered as a single vacation spot with picturesque landscapes, snow-capped mountains, ice-cold mountain lakes. The economic and political stability, marvellously advanced infrastructure, creative and innovative work environment, excellent healthcare system, efficient capital markets and lower corporate tax rates make it one of the most competitive economies.

Citizens from distinct countries like EU and Schengen Area and a few other countries can effortlessly enter Switzerland for a short-term period of upto 90 days without Visa. However, for a tenure of more than 90 days stay, one has to acquire Residence Permit. Around a quarter of total Swiss population comprises of foreigners.

Why Switzerland?

  • Happy Country
  • Ample Work Opportunities
  • Diversity and Culture
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Renowned Education System
  • Multiple languages
  • Safety & Stability
  • Family friendly
  • Better Work life balance

Who is Eligible to Get a Residence Permit?

The first and foremost condition to obtain residence permit in Switzerland is to live in for a definitive time period. While applying for the first-time residence permit, one gets either a “Permit B” or “Permit L” with an initial validity of one year although both can be renewed later on but Permit L can be renewed once in a lifetime.

Criteria of Residence Permit

Citizens from an EU/ EFTA country are eligible to apply for Swiss permanent residence permit after fulfilling the condition of living for 5 years continuously in Switzerland while others (non- EU/EFTA Citizens) shall live for a span of continuous 10 years before applying for Swiss Permit.

Benefits of Swiss Residence Permit

You can settle down in Switzerland permanently either through a way of getting permit C or through naturalization process. Swiss Permit allows you to work for any employer, can change job without permission, work, study and live anywhere in Switzerland. It allows give you access to set up a company, acquire real estate, receive grants, etc.

However, with the Swiss Citizenship, there comes a few benefits including the right to reside in Switzerland despite of the fact you are living elsewhere along with right to stand for the public office and a right to vote in Swiss elections. It also entitles you to hold a valid Swiss passport which is lined up at third position on Passport power Index with a visa- free access to more than 150 countries.

All able- bodied male Swiss citizens aged between 18-34 are mandatorily required to finish their military services.

How to appy for Swiss Residence Permit?

Once you fulfil the number of years criteria, you are eligible to apply for the Swiss Residence Permit. On the lines of other type of Swiss Permits, you can apply for the C permit at local canton’s immigration office.

With the 26 cantons in the federal republic of Switzerland, each canton is in charge of issuance of residence permits to foreigners willing to settle in that particular canton.

The widespread mandate states in order to be eligible to apply for permit C, you must substantiate you possess requisite knowledge and is sufficiently integrated with Swiss Culture and can speak up the official language of the Canton you intend to live in. A language proficiency test to illustrate level B1 in oral language skills and A2 in written language skills is required.

Further, a few preliminary conditions include a clean criminal record from the Swiss Police, an evidence to substantiate you are not having any debt at any place you have lived in Switzerland, a record of employment or gainful employment and a proof of not receipt of any social benefits, etc.
With respect to each canton, they have their own pre-requisites & conditions for issuing Swiss Permanent Residence Permit C including a few conditions like social status, dependents, children, etc.