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Switzerland provides an opportunity to obtain residence permits for persons of independent means who do not plan to be employed in Switzerland. Swiss residence permit can be obtained upon agreeing to pay an annual lump sum tax. The lump sum tax rate in Switzerland varies depending on the canton. Applicant have to select the canton and sign an agreement confirming the payment of an annual lump sum tax. As a result, the main applicant and its family can obtain residence in Switzerland. 

The nice thing about Lump Sum Taxation Switzerland is that you are not taxed on either your actual income or actual wealth. Only your annual cost of living determines the amount of Lump Sum Taxation in Switzerland. The difference between your cost of living and effective income remains untaxed. You can freely invest your assets without worrying about the tax consequences.



  • LIVE: A residency permit for Switzerland gives all members of the family the right to live in UK.
  • VISA FREE TRAVEL: You and your family will have the right to not only reside in Switzerland but also spend an unlimited amount of time in Schengen countries.
  • WHOLE FAMILY IS COVERED: A residency permit is issued at the same time to the main applicant plus members of his/her family, including dependent children's.
  • EDUCATION & HEALTHCARE: Having residency in Switzerland allows you to use high-quality medical services, and your children can attend schools and universities.
  • TAX PERSPECTIVE: Lower taxes makes even more attractive from a tax perspective. 
  • OBTAIN CITIZENSHIP: Living in Switzerland on the basis of this residency visa gives you the right to later claim citizenship after 10 years.



  • TAX AGREEMENT: Foreign investor or wealthy individual concludes a special tax agreement with canton (with obligation to pay annually fixed tax from CHF 1,50,000 to CHF 6,00,000 depending upon the canton chosen). Tax is paid each year in a fixed amount that is basked on the applicant’s cost of living in Switzerland. Authorities of the canton approve Permit B for the applicant and his family members (it will be temporary residence Switzerland without right to be gainfully occupied in Switzerland). After 5 years of residence Permit B can be transformed into Permit C (permanent residence Switzerland) and Citizenship after 10 years.
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Swiss Frank (CHF)


8,570,146 Approx.
Population Growth: 0.8%


41,285 Sq.Km.


548 Billion USD


35.9% Catholic 23.8% Protestant 5.9% other Christians 5.4% Muslim

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