Switzerland Most beautiful country of Europe

Situated in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries in the world for immigration, doing business and internationally known for its quality of life.

Beautiful nature, political stability, safety, world class financial services, international recognised schools, health care and competing tax conditions, you can find everything here. These are the main reasons why wealthy families and investors choose Switzerland as their country of residence.

About Program

Switzerland provides an opportunity to obtain residence permits for persons of independent means who do not plan to be employed in Switzerland. Swiss residence permit can be obtained upon agreeing to pay an annual lump sum tax. The lump sum tax rate in Switzerland varies depending on the canton. Applicant have to select the canton and sign an agreement confirming the payment of an annual lump sum tax. As a result, the main applicant and its family can obtain residence in Switzerland. The nice thing about Lump Sum Taxation Switzerland is that you are not taxed on either your actual income or actual wealth. Only your annual cost of living determines the amount of Lump Sum Taxation in Switzerland. The difference between your cost of living and effective income remains untaxed. You can freely invest your assets without worrying about the tax consequences.


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    Live & Work

    In Switzerland
  • A residency permit for Switzerland gives all members of the family the right to live in Switzerland.

  • Applicant

  • Family Members of Applicant

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    Visa Free Travel

    In Europe
  • You and your family will have the right to not only reside in Switzerland but also freely travel to Schengen countries.

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  • Family Members of Applicant

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    Education& Healthcare

    In Switzerland
  • Having residence in Switzerland allows you to use high-quality medical services and free education for childrens.

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  • Family Members of Applicant

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    Obtain Citizenship

    Of Switzerland
  • Living in Switzerland on the basis of this residency visa gives you the right to later claim citizenship after 10 years.

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  • Family Members of Applicant


Tax Agreement


Birth Certificate

Police Clearance

We handle everything for you!
  • Tax Agreement from Authorities
  • Submission of Documents
  • Approval from Canton
  • Visa Application to Embassy
  • Issue of Residence Permit


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